Kathleen Crocetti
Kathleen Crocetti is a conceptual artist with many skill sets and divergent interests that serve her well in her Site Specific Community Based Installations. Her installations which are a combination of art and community building began in 1994.  Kathleen is most interested in distilling complex social issues into visual metaphors that are readable and engaging to both participants and viewers. This creates situations that bring people together and fosters dialog. Kathleen prefers to create works that involve multiples, allowing individuals to participate on a very small scale and to choose how much they will participate allowing them to feel that their contribution has had meaning. Upon completion of the community process it is imperative that the work stands alone, has aesthetic value and continues to evoke dialog among new viewers, often evoking conversations around complex social issues.
While never officially diagnosed it is quite likely that Kathleen has OCD. When not working on community art projects she is in her studio enjoying small repetitive tasks. From sewing hundreds of cut up CD pieces to dress to carefully placing very small pieces of glass in a mosaic, Kathleen exhibits pleasure, tenacity and endurance turning apparent mindless and mundane tasks into dances with the muse.  
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