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Dignity of Labor Gallery Link

Dignity of Labor

We're All Downstream Gallery Link

We’re All Downstream

We Are Seacliff Gallery Link

We Are Seacliff

Ebb & Flow Gallery Link

Ebb & Flow

Corralitos Gallery Link


1111 Soquel Ave. Gallery Link

1111 Soquel Ave.

Fish Food Gallery Link

Fish Food

Mission Historic Park Mural wide angle

Mission Historic Park

Barson Stairs

Barson Stairs

 Laurel St. Bridge detail

Laurel St. Bridge

Soquel Bridge

Soquel Bridge

Water Street Bridge, North side view

Water Street Bridge

Pi Mosaic


We are Mavericks Mosaic

We are Mavericks

I am more than a Public Artist, I am a Community Artist. To me places have meaning, vibrancy and interest because of the people who live and work there. Before I tackle any public art project I engage the public who will be using that space. I try to understand how the community identifies itself, and how they use and envision the use of their shared public space. The meetings I hold are the beginnings of creative community building as participants sometimes meet their neighbors for the very first time, and are encouraged to think and dream big together. These community meetings are just the start of a long journey we take together. The journey fosters both relationships and creativity, which is why I do what I do.

Usually, my work as a Community Artist leads to great adventures and forays into Public Art. But not always, in fact 187 days of the year it means I am in a classroom helping young people connect with their creative selves. I help them see the value in embracing their creative selves so that no matter what path they choose to follow in their lives they can engage creativity to enhance their pursuits. And if that were not enough, once a year for the past eight years I have found a location for us to make public art within walking distance of our school.

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