We’re All Downstream

We’re All Downstream asks us to contemplate the life of the San Lorenzo River from a fish eye view. The installation is engaging and complex. Below the waters surface are three circles of mosaic fish eggs and a painted mural of lively, colorful salmon swimming among smaller fish. Above, a river of rippling metal strips carry a striking red canoe with its passenger toward the river beyond. Floating around the canoe are large aluminum photo-engraved panels created by Tannery artists. At night, the sculpture lights up, and its rippling current carries us all to the river.

This installation was a team effort Kathlen Crocetti was the conceptual artist and lead the project, she hired Maha to assist with the metal work, Elijah Pfotenhauer to paint the mural, and Geoffrey Nelson to create the figure in the boat and create the lighting elements. 20 Tannery artists were paid a stipend for the use of their images in the river canopy.

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