Studio Practice

Metropolis Tower 7' x 24" x 18" encaustics and neon (on), 2014

Color Stacks

California Oaks 50" x 10' colored glass mosaic on clear tempered glass, 2015 (private collection)


Red Stripes, 24" x 24", glass, encaustic, recycled neon, 2016 (private collection)

Wall Work

Julia, 12" x 12" encaustics 2014


 fashionART Runway Show 2016


Media Whiteout, fashionART Runway Show 2015


I’ve made a great deal of really beautiful work, that I show in galleries. The making of this work has brings me a great deal of joy. I am happy when this work sells because someone is going to enjoy them; but really I make them for myself. Usually I am investigating questions of how color and light influence each other and how I can manipulate one of those elements to influence and change the other. I’m not sure it is that I am a recovering Catholic, or a modern day Californian, but at the end of a studio day I’m often seriously conflicted: I’ve got a feeling of bliss with undertones of guilt because my studio practice is a very selfish, expensive and self indulgent process.

Other times I am in a mood to express things that are really bothering me. Generally I use clothing and performance work to express my political views. Art is after all a very expressive form of communication.

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