Color Stacks

In college I loved my Color Theory class and fell in love with Joseph Albers. In 2013, for my birthday my husband bought me a beautiful book that I had drooled over in college but could not afford to own. Color studies with Joseph Albers was my inspiration for this body of work. I often use recycled and discarded objects in my work. This work includes neon tubes salvaged from businesses who were either going out of business or changing their look. I use light as a metaphor for the spirit that lies within us, and prefer neon, not for its’ linear quality but for its’ ability to glow through translucent materials. These simplified abstract shapes serve as the foundation for the exploration of color relationships and the pivotal role light has in revealing both form and the mysterious nature of color. Each piece created for this installation was both and intellectual and aesthetic puzzle. The sculptures create a contemplative environment for viewers to consider their own personal and emotional relationship with color.

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