AWAKE. I spent a month at an Artist in Residency in Sefrou, Morocco, a lttle town just outside of Fez during the summer of 2016. The town is on an ancient trading route and has on old Medina. The residency program is called Culture Vultures. I love this name, as it has many interesting connotations.

A vulture feeds off dead and or dying animals. Vulture clean up messes in the environment, often able to consume toxins that left to rot could lead to some serious illness in not only the local animal population but further on up the food chain to us. I love that Culture Vultures is trying to get Western artists interested in dying art forms, that we (the vultures) might somehow be able to save them.

I sent home over 400 yards of hand woven woolen fabric that I made into comfortable durable clothing that can be part of a wardrobe for years and potentially passed on. I’m enamored with the word/concept of “a wake” because a wake is a group of feeding vultures. Becoming Awake is something we need to do about the way we consume clothing.

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