In her second very public practice, Kathleen expresses her views on war and social injustices through fashion. Every year since 1996 Kathleen has been letting us know how she feels from fiber optics on the Seventh Sense Stage to CD’s on the fashionART runway to Rainbows on the Rio stage for Pivot Kathleen’s fashion work is intricate and thought provoking. The artist explains that these works are created to raise awareness, rather than for visual appeal, and they can sometimes make the viewer feel uncomfortable.

“I’m very aware that “in your face”, confrontational art can be off putting and likely alienates those with differing opinions. I tend to “play it safe” in my large scale public works which are intended to bring the community together. But sometimes I get angry and frustrated and so riled up about things that I can’t “play it safe”. This is why I love clothing. What I wear is personal, it is my opinion. I am not trying to make incremental thoughtful change with my clothing. I am shouting in rage, I want you to shout with me, or hold my hand and cry with me.”

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